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Honda CB or CBR500

Price: $395 per day  
Damage Limitation Package: $100 per day  
Fuel: 1st tank included  
Deposit to reserve: $200 per day  
Gear* $75 per day  

Prices are in addition to the price of the school. All balances are due 1 month prior to event.

If we offer the event two consecutive days days eg: Laguna Seca Raceway July 23 & 24, we require you rent the bike for both days. The reason for this is that if we have the bike rented by different riders each day, and the bike is damaged on the first day, the second rider may lose out on his rental. Sorry but we can't allow that option. If the bikes are not sold out the final week before the event, we reserve the right to allow a one day rental.
Rider is responsible for any damage to bike in full the while it is in your control. Exception: If you buy the optional Damage Limitation Package you limit your responsibility to $500. If the bike is damaged and rendered unrideable, or for any reason the rider does not continue his/her day, rider is still responsible for all fees for the period the bike is rented. If the bike is damaged and you're able to continue riding it, the $500 "deductible" will increase to $1,500 - but only in the event of additional damage to the motorcycle. The decision as to whether or not it is rideable will be made by Reg or other CLASS staff. We do not provide medical insurance, please have yourself adequately covered in case of injury.
*Gear: We have a very limited selection (we may or may not be able to fit you) of 1 piece leather suits and Held gloves. First come first served. At this time we do not rent helmets or boots. You will need to bring your own.
The fine print:
Bike sharing? We have zero tolerance for bike sharing. The only rider allowed to use the rented motorcycle is the rider it is assigned to. If we find that the bike has been used by another rider without express permission from Reg, it will end your day(s) and no refund will be given.
Bike rental Cancellations: We require written notice to cancel your reservation (email) no later than 2 weeks in advance of your rental date in order to receive 100% refund or transfer. You may apply your transfer to another rental date, or to a CLASS event on your own bike. If you cancel within 2 weeks of the event, we will charge a $50 transfer fee to be used the same calendar year, but no refund will be given. Be aware that school cancellation policies differ from bike cancellation policies.

All rentals subject to model availability and rider pre-qualification. We reserve the right to deny motorcycle rental for any reason.