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Reg & Gigi, I had an outstanding experience at your Laguna Seca Motorcycle School in November: great Instruction, coaching, encouraging and great exampling on the track, and weather! The whole thing was a blast!

I read the book before attending, and after attending, and I found the book quite helpful also. Sometimes it takes a while for an old dog to learn new tricks. I plan to join you for a few days at Laguna Seca, Sears Point, and perhaps another venue next year. -Rich

Times, Tech and Rider Requirements

CLASS Standard Schools are all day, from about 7:30am to 5pm. They're divided into just 2 groups and you get plenty of both track time and classroom instruction.

Rider Requirements: The schools are open to riders 18 years and older who have a motorcycle license and a fair amount of street riding experience. At the very least, the operation of your motorcycle's controls should be second nature to you and you should be completely comfortable with its operation. At minimum, you should be comfortable with freeway speeds (65mph).

Clothing: We require all riders to wear a motorcycle riding suit. The best suits are one-piece, quality race leathers, although we do allow one or two-piece suits (we don't require they zip together), leather or textile: Aerostich, Joe Rocket Ballistic, BMW Suits etc. are usually ok; but Joe Rocket "Phoenix" or similar ultra lightweight or mesh suits are not acceptable. Reinforced jeans are not acceptable, and we will not allow you to ride in jeans over armor. Your suit should have some armor in the hips, knees, elbows and shoulders and we won’t let anybody ride in chaps. Also:

--You need to have an undamaged full face helmet, the best are 5 years or newer, DOT approved or better.

--Leather boots that cover your ankles (no high top sneakers)

--Gauntlet-style leather gloves that cover your wrists

Motorcycle Requirements: At CLASS, you ride your own motorcycle. All makes are welcome but we require a minimum engine displacement of 250cc. Stock motorcycles are preferable, while super sport bikes are welcome too. (We do not allow scooters, 3 wheelers, sidecars, electric motorcycles - at this time, or heavily modified cruisers. If you have any doubts, please contact us before enrolling.)

Motorcycle Prep: All we ask you to do to prep the motorcycle is:

--Cover (with tape) or remove your mirrors (we don’t want you looking back)

--Disconnect or tape over your brake light (we don’t want brake lights flashing, which can be distracting)

--Fresh, virtually new tires with very little sign of wear (we are sticklers about this), on a positively leak-free bike with good brakes.

For more on getting your bike and body prepped for your CLASS Day, check this out. See you at the track!