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Are you concerned about the racetrack?

Some riders are a little nervous about being on the racetrack for the first time, and that's normal. But you shouldn't be worried. The track is just a road formed in an interesting loop. It's cleaner and safer than the street. There are no cars, no oncoming traffic, no cell phones...Just fellow motorcyclists, all going the same direction.

The controlled environment that we specialize in at CLASS lets you concentrate on improving your skills without distractions. Plus, the racetrack lets you get to practice on a series of corners that were meant to be challenging, so you'll learn at an accelerated pace.

CLASS provides a very relaxed, non-competitive atmosphere. There's no speed limit, but there's no pressure to go faster. We want you to gain confidence and learn control at your own pace, and not just scare yourself.

Before the day is done, you'll see the track as your "friend", you'll be having serious fun! and you'll be looking forward to coming back again to learn more.

We look forward to seeing you there!