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What we Teach

Control, pure and simple. From this spring forth all good things about riding a motorcycle. We give riders the tools for control. You can take that to the track or to the street, because without it, it can get expensive and painful.

At CLASS, Reg Pridmore and his team focus on teaching you how to become a smoother, safer and more confident rider. Instruction is given on effective braking, shifting, cornering and how to avoid some pitfalls that often occur as a result of bad habits (even those you might not know you have). Reg has a unique ability to explain his technique and riding philosophy in a way street riders of all abilities can understand and use. All he asks is that you come with a relaxed, open mind and you'll go away with new skills and knowledge that will make you a better rider.

CLASS is not for beginners, but rather for intermediate and advanced riders - to help them to kick it up a notch or two. It's not about speed, but you will find that speed is a natural result of becoming a better rider. And the track is the best place to concentrate on new technique and to experiment with and increase your speed.

We help you with the physical dynamic of riding, which includes body positioning and using your body to help steer the motorcycle. We’ll work on cornering, talk about the line and technique to enter, apex and exit a turn. Then we’ll work to smooth out every other aspect of motion including downshifting, braking, and using your RPM to maintain positive control of the motorcycle - aka: Throttle Management.

And if it's more speed you're after, (and we know it quite possibly could be ;), we'll help you to get faster. We teach a good tactical foundation - the building blocks to make it work. We'll give you the tools---the track time and practice will allow you to work on perfecting it.

Then we’ll talk about street sense and even how that differs from track riding. One thing we’ve learned over the years is that “common sense” isn’t always common, so we’ll talk about some time tested ways to stay as safe as possible on the highway.

How we teach... A group or B group - just two groups!

A Group: At CLASS, though there’s no speed limit and there is a lot of track time, we are a “street” oriented riding school and not a race school, nor are we just an open track day. Because of that our A group tends to be a little milder than the usual track day A group that is filled with club racers and track day fast guys. But fast guys and gals are welcome - for example in our A group we likely will have some experienced fast riders on liter bikes with race body work, even some club racers, but we might also have some fast riders on touring bikes and super motos or even BMW GS’s. Fairly experienced B riders in other track day organizations or very experienced and confident street riders are usually comfortable in the CLASS A group. Classroom sessions focus on more advanced riding techniques. In addition Reg will try to get into your head - to tap into where your attitudes and skill potential lie.

B Group: Our B group can safely accommodate the average rider whether you have been riding for many years or not, and we are also able to easily work track novices into the fold. The instructors at CLASS have vast experience working with very experienced and also less experienced riders, and we make it very clear early in the day how things work on the track. We work hard to try and make sure every one has a good time and stays safe. Classroom sessions focus on the line around the track, cornering, braking and shifting technique as well as how smoothness and control are vitally important to being a good rider.

Throughout the day, while one group is in the classroom, the other is on the track in alternating sessions. These are usually 20 minute sessions so you are either in the classroom or on the track - all day long (with a break for lunch). We will keep you busy!

Classroom & 1:1: We teach - in the classroom with Reg, and with 6 to 10 (depending on the size of the school) on track instructors, individually working with you as you request it and as you need it, or letting you alone when it’s time for you to practice on your own. With individual critique available to every student, we will give you good, solid information about every stage of your riding.

On the brakes: The braking exercise is designed to teach riders how to go from throttle to brake-full stop-as smoothly as possible. We’ll critique you and work with you to make sure you get it right. You'll be amazed at how smooth braking helps things to flow - and using your brakes properly can save your life.

Think! At CLASS we not only to teach you the physical dynamic of good riding, but also to teach you to always think when you ride. I know, I know, you already do think when you ride...but what are you thinking about? We'll show you how being more disciplined and focused helps boost your skill level and increase your confidence.

CLASS is about...

Control. Focus. Discipline. Smoothness. From these basic tenets, we will show you how to pull it all together to make you a better rider, no matter what your current level. All the while, we'll keep it simple, understandable and fun!

There you have it. Put it all together and it's a lesson you won't forget.

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