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What our students have to say about CLASS...

Dear Reg, Gigi and CLASS Crew,

News of Reg's upcoming retirement has me overwhelmed with gratitude. I'm not a very social person, by nature. As I'm always at CLASS to listen rather than talk, and because I don't want to bore anyone with my bullshit, I feel I've failed to properly express my thanks, as to do so requires a bit of a back story. I'm compelled to do that now, so please bear with me.

At 17 I got my first bike, a 78 Honda CB550. I put on clip-ons and rear sets, mad about the "cafe racer" style. I didn't know a damn thing about bikes, but the guys in the vintage racing photos I saw in magazines were unimaginably cool. I actually bought one such magazine for a photo of a Superbike Champion hanging off a #163 BMW, cylinder heads barely off the tarmac. I was sure this Reg Pridmore was a superhero, and that photo, cut from the magazine, hung on walls of my rooms and garages until the magazine page paper just gave out.

As the years passed, my obsession with motorcycles grew. Unfortunately, at some point, so did an obsession with booze and pills. I fell into a dark hole of addiction. I clearly didn't care about myself, but I did still care about my motorcycles, so I mostly hung up the helmet, taking only an occasional, short, white-knuckle ride to remind me that I shouldn't be riding.

Thankfully, 6 years ago, I got clean and sober. I decided I could trust myself with motorcycles again, but realized I never really had any business with sport bikes and thought all I was good for was some gentle touring. I sold a couple sporty bikes and bought a Harley and rode it to Alaska and back, clearing my newly-sober head. Somewhere along the way it occurred to me that giving up on sporty bikes was giving up on myself. I just knew now that I needed to learn to ride. I took all the local basic skills and advanced rider courses offered. I was learning but not getting where I wanted to be.

My 5-year sobriety anniversary came up, and as I'd gotten my shit together and turned my life around, I rewarded myself with money saved and bought my MV Agusta Brutale 1090. It scared the piss out of me. I knew I needed more instruction and badly needed to learn how to ride the damn thing.

Google led me through a plethora of race schools and track days until I found CLASS. As if in some weird synchronicity, the school that sounded just right for me was taught by this same superhero, #163, Reg Pridmore! Hell yes, I want this man to teach me how to ride!

And you did, again and again. You, and the Crew, unlocked what I'd only understood intellectually about motorcycles, never being able to put it into practice. I learned to get rid of the Fear that sometimes gripped me while riding. Somehow, my lifelong passion and only form of daily transportation had become even more fun!

Since my first three CLASSes, I've done things on motorcycles I'd never thought I'd do. I rode a big KTM across Europe, through the Black Forest and over Stelvio and Julier passes, making it over to the Isle of Man for the TT. I never would have even been able to even THINK about doing those things without the skills and confidence I learned from you. Literally, I was given more access to life. In all somber seriousness, my life has been saved, repeatedly, by the skills I've learned and the lessons I hear Reg whispering in my ear--straight from the CLASSroom--as I ride.

Four years ago, standing against the track fence next to "Ducati Island" at Laguna Seca for WSBK, my friend said to me "I want to do that" as the bikes screamed by. I responded, "No way I could ever do it". A week ago, I rode my Multistrada up there and did just that. I had the unfathomably cool experience of riding Laguna Seca, where I'd witnessed Rossi/Stoner, Nicky Hayden and countless heroes creating indelible memories. As if that could be beaten, I got to be on the historic track at the same time as my boyhood racing hero, #163 himself! My fanboy geekdom was very hard to contain. When I saw you and Gigi blast past me going into Turn 11 at the end of Tuesday, my heart almost exploded with joy and dreams realized. I still can't believe it's all real.

I'll not bore your further, but know how humbled and grateful I will forever be. Please understand the real impact you've had on helping me live and enjoy my life by overcoming barriers. I'll never underestimate the fact that I'm alive and uninjured due to lessons learned at CLASS in a variety of riding situations. Or that you guys have taught me how to ride, and enjoy, my motorcycles.

With all that I am, thanks.



Hello Gigi and Reg,

You guys have a great thing going! Hands down a great place to learn and practice everything Reg teaches. But, most importantly, an extremely safe place. The instructors are always “working”, unlike a typical track day these guys are watching and following and pulling along one rider or other. They are not playing and racing with each other. It is not what Reg and Gigi do, but what the whole team does. You create a very professional and safe environment. I wish, you would host more events on the west coast.

I was very impressed that the instructors took the initiative and sought me out and provided me feedback, I did not have to beg for their attention. I had at least 4 different instructors, come by and provide me feedback based on their observations. Very friendly and even when I pulled a bone head move on the track.. Ted explained to me why it was unsafe. This suggested to me that they are watching for the safety of all riders.. kudos!

I would like to acknowledge and thank Ted, Marcus, Gary, and Mr. Smith for helping me out one time or the other.

At first, I was not sure doing back-to-back days would be very helpful. Now that I have done it, I would not want to do it any other way. I know you folks are planning on going to Infinion/Sonoma in April, but please please make it a 2-day event.

I know we were on the same tarmac as occupied by gods like Rossi, Marquez, Hayden, and of course Reg. I always knew going to Laguna is same as going to heaven, but to experience it when it is in the 70s, sunny, not windy.. Wow! I don’t think even gods like Rossi have ever experienced Laguna like this!! Thanks Gigi for making this happen.

See you folks soon!

@ Laguna Seca


Reg and Gigi,

Thank you for two spectacular days. I took The Crest Highway home to Glendora, and it was almost an out-of-body experience. . . . really! I was smoother, more relaxed and faster, but at the same time I felt safer. Everything I learned on the track translated to the road in tangible ways. Throttle control, keeping the wheel connected to the motor, steering the bike with my body, trusting my tires, looking where I want to go, etc. I rode with confidence, not fear. I felt prepared for the unknown and was riding well within my limits, but having much more fun in the process.

Thanks again! I'll be back.

Ken R.


Thank you Reg and Gigi for a great couple of days at VIR. The CLASS exceeded my expectations. I have about 150 days on tracks using the standard “school” or wide line (between cars and bikes) so this was a paradigm shift for me to always strive for tight, economical lines.

Some more feedback: the two of you are some of the warmest, genuine, caring, enthusiastic people that I have ever met. The classroom lectures (discussions) clearly came from the heart. Humility is a valuable quality in everyone and your own humility set the example for all of us. “There is always someone faster than you, and always someone slower than you.” That is a profound thought to keep in mind.

I was also impressed with how clean the A group riding was, especially day two. Most of these folks really know how to ride. I gave up open track days because the clientele is too crazy and their attitudes were infecting me. I felt very safe out there in CLASS.

I will be back and I will bring my friends.



Reg, GiGi, 1st I wanna graciously thank you both for allowing us Stacey & I the privilege to attend your class school. Again I repeat for the masses to know. Your class was the best therapeutic motorcycle Track day class I've ever attended in my motorcycling career. I love the older structure of the insturctors, their focused, attentive, knowledgeable, and they all take 1 on 1 time with every student, and give them their most undivided attention.

I also love the way if you feel lost out on the track, instructors will grab you and take you right under their wing, as GiGi did with me, gave me instruction, and made me feel very comfortable with the instruction given in such a small time, she put me back out to practice on what was previously discussed, and we completed what needed to be done...! " Lines are very important "..! Luv u 4 that GiGi..!!

I love that attention. The class wasn't chaotic, it was peaceful, to the point that at other track days I would only ride half the day due to how wild And unorganized the classes are. At Reg's school I was so enthusiastic about learning and applying what was taught, I rode every session which was a first.! I even went against my superstition and rode the very last session. That was a barrier broken for me..! That never happens at other track days..! I won't blurt out no other track schools, " Uh hum STT"..! " As Bryan takes a drink to clear his throat from saying that bad word. Haha…!

This program was thought thru with great planning. The schedule was on point, the tech time was on point, the instructors meant business when it comes to safety. I'm all about safety, in essence to riding at your own pace, taking your time to adjust and no pressure on the track to go faster, like other schools push you to do. I've been to many track days, and they were horse and pony shows. All or most of the instructors are wanna be racers, and ride off and leave you And 2 turns later, your in your own world. Not at "class rides"..! Attention to detail is uncandid, superb, and second to none..!!

Reg's teaching is detailed, makes you think, and his break down on cycling knowledge for the track from his years of experience is exquisitely taught to retain for years to come. From Reg to all the instructors, they have a great rapport with each other, and there was never any unorganization. That being said, I will be attending the next Virginia track day, and thanks for the opportunity to attend the school and become apart of the " Class Rides " family…

Bryan from Chicago


Dear Reg and Gigi, I don’t have the words to really express what a wonderful experience I had with my son (18 years old) during your class last Thursday and Friday (which was the first time at a track for us).. It was quite a struggle to convince his Mom that it was in our best interest that Clint and I go to a Race Track, I was dreading coming home with her son all banged up. Thanks to your team and instruction format we left there without a scratch and all is well on the homefront!!

Mostly I am forever thankful for the transformation of my sons riding agenda; before “Class” his only interest was to see how fast he could wear down his knee pads and attain speeding tickets; while on the drive home he says’ “ Dad, my whole riding style has changed, the position on my bike and how I weight the pegs. I don’t want to drag my knees anymore, now I’ll just touch the ground to check the position of my bike” which is his way of saying he was being lame trying to show off.

Special thanks to Gigi for kindly grabbing me by the ear and leading me around the Track!! and John for moving me to the A’s !!! how cool is that?

And last but not least thanks to William for setting an awesome example on how to be cool, safe and fast for Clint!!! See you next year.


Randy M.


Reg, I have taken several other track programs and although I do tend to learn from each, I really enjoy your school because of the relaxed environment but yet serious nature of the way you run the program. I never feel pressured and the instructors are top notch and really want you to learn and become a better a rider.

I finally took your advice to heart on the second day and kept my RPMs up which made a huge difference in my riding especially before and after cornering. I kept the bike in 2nd gear most of the time except for the straightaway and found a lot more power and control at my command than ever before. I now know why you kept saying, "Keep Your RPMs Up".

I do plan on coming next June for both days and look forward to another great session. I have to admit, I was surprised to hear that this may be your last year at VIR. I understand the cost and logistics of doing this being a CA based company but I hope you can somehow find a way to make it work. You do make a difference in teaching people a safe and fun way to ride.

Thanks for listening and I look forward to see you and the team next year.


Jon B.


Hi Reg and Gigi,

What a blast! I really enjoyed riding Laguna Seca for the first time. I can't wait to head back there. Gigi, thanks for towing me around that second session of the day. You helped me nail down the proper line and really learn the track. It was great riding with you!

I can't wait for the next day at Streets. Each school I do with you has increased my confidence on the bike, all while gaining a better feel for the bike and what it needs from me. I am getting a better feel for what my suspension is doing, how important it is to keep it awake in the corners, and even what the tires are doing. Alot of the things I have heard Reg say multiple times in the last year are starting to come together. Before each session I have been making a plan, working on atleast 1 aspect of my riding, and then evaluating the results. I'm slowly climbing the rungs of my personal ladder and can't wait to ride with CLASS again to move a little further along (maybe even peak into the next room?) Fun stuff.

Thanks again and I'll see you for the Labor Day schools at Streets.

Scott E.


Here I set in my office Saturday morning reflecting on two of the best days I have ever spent on a motorcycle. I do not know if words alone can explain it, but I will try. The way you make every student seem special and your willingness to listen to our every question and comment was beyond compare. You and your team of instructors desire to see the students improve is unbelievable. I cannot say enough about your hospitality from the start of the day to very end when we are all so tired we could barely walk, yet we all still had to load all of our equipment . But, the most important thing about these past two days is the invaluable lessons taught about control, smoothness, body position and mental preparation on riding a motorcycle. These lessons I hope to carry with me the rest of my riding days. I do plan on attending another one your classes in September of this year and maybe even more at different tracks if my schedule will allow it. I am now going to close by thanking you and your team again. See you soon on that BIG BLUE BUSA.
Steve McC.


I just want to take a few moments to once again thank you for the track days last week. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and think that I made a lot of progress, although I will be the very first to admit that so much more to learn. Thanks for putting up with me and letting me into the class, since in many respects I really was out of my depth.

Reg, you are a consummate gentleman! I very much appreciated the manner in which you conducted yourself with all the riders.

While all of your instructors were outstanding, I would like to give special props to Ian, Clark, Stewart, and especially Phil (the one on the yellow Aprilia) -- Phil was particularly kind to me and took me under his wing on the morning of the first day as I was struggling to find my way around the track.

Best wishes,



Dear Gigi and Reg. I was able to express my thanks to all of the wonderful sponsors who contributed in some way to making CLASS possible. Fact of the matter is I am finding very hard to put in to words what CLASS has meant to me and the way I ride to both of you and your fine team of instructors. It is not often in ones life-time that an event or circumstance has such a profound effect on the way one lives life. CLASS is one of those events. To say my riding has improved would be a gross understatement. Following our CLASS on Sept. 5th and 6th, I spent the remainder of my 2 weeks of holiday time practicing and going over and over again whatever I could remember about the wonderful learning experience I had just encountered. I look forward to next year with great anticipation because I know that I will be doing everything I can to attend more of your training CLASSes. It was an absolute pleasure to meet both of you and until we meet again, please take care. Glenn


I would like to say how absolutely impressed I was with my CLASS experience at Streets of Willow. I have been to CLASS once before, about 5 years ago. I don't think I fully realized how incredible this school was until this more recent visit, however.

I have been to many other schools and trackdays since my first CLASS ride, including Freddie Spencer's, Keith Code's, and Kevin Schwantz's schools. While each school definitely adds something new to the table and offers up a different view on riding, no other school does it with such value as CLASS. Having over 100,000 miles of riding experience under my belt already as a young man, I have had experience with bikes that usually comes with lots of money, time, and age. Rarely do you see riders have such opportunities and fortune as the life I get to live! However, I have to learn not to be so cocky! I came to CLASS thinking "Hey, that's a cheap track day for me and I can bring my new track-riding buddy along!" What I wasn't prepared for was how much the staff would help me realize many aspects of riding I hadn't considered before. Maybe my experience now lets me see the value of the teachings, or perhaps I can just relate much better now. Whatever it was, I walked away from this experience in awe. You guys put on a fantastic show; I'm definitely coming along any time I can.

Your staff, your hospitality, your teachings, and your attitude were spot on. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and I sincerely wish the best of business to you guys. I am going to recommend your school to EVERYONE I ride with now. Before I might have suggested trackdays or other, costlier schools, but now I believe your program has the best value.

Thank you for an experience I will never forget, honestly!!



Hello, I just wanted to say thank you to all of the sponsors that back up Reg Pridmore's CLASS. I recently attended CLASS for a two day session at Streets of Willow and couldn't of had a better time. I am very picky when it comes to the type of people I choose to ride with on the street. There are a lot of people out there that drive & ride like idiots. Thats one of the reasons I liked CLASS so much. The fact that Reg is teaching safety on the track as well as techniques for riding safer on street was very appealing to me. When I left CLASS I felt as if I had learned years of information in a two day period. Things really started to make sense to me about body position & smooth throttle control. I trust my Dunlop Q2's more than ever & what an incredible, confidence inspiring tire! I ride a 2011 R1 equipped with Dunlop Q2's, Zero Gravity Corsa windscreen & when I wasn't on the track my bike was up on my Pit-Bull stands!! Much love to all of the sponsors for hosting such an epic event. I can't leave out Honda! One day I will own a 1000cc CBR, what a beautiful bike! Best Regards, Calvin


Hi Reg,

Just wanted to tell you that I underestimated the impact of your classroom instruction. You were in my head most of the time during my ride up the coast back to the Bay Area: "weight off the bars, weigh the pegs, tighten up your line..." you were good company, thanks.




I had a great time yesterday and will share with you briefly how much you helped. I actually had a pretty bad day to begin with. My first two sessions I did not feel too good out there. Everything was happening too fast, I almost went off track coming through the chicane in 10/11, and was just very discouraged with the riding. I was concerned enough that I actually sat out a session to try to regroup and get my bearings so to speak. Then I remembered what you said about staying relaxed on the bike, letting it do the work, and having fun without pushing so much. The next session I went out and did exactly that, and it made an incredible difference. To put things in perspective, my first two sessions, I actually pitted before the checker flag because my legs were so tired and
I felt so exhausted I could not finish the full twenty minutes. After I
went out and relaxed on the bike I not only felt like I could have kept
riding another twenty, but I hooked up with an instructor and was able to
get by other riders who I had trouble keeping up with in the earlier
sessions. Was really eye-opening to see what a difference some of your
advice had... PD


Good morning Reg, Gigi, and the rest of the Class Rides Team,

I wanted to take a minute of your time and thank you for the class held on June 3rd at Willow Springs Raceway. As far as riding motorbikes goes, it was the best experience of my life.

I went to your class with a goal in mind. To become a more efficient rider. I feel that I have accomplished that. What’s funny is I felt like a decent rider before I got there, and now I realize that I have a lot to learn. The structure of your class is perfect. Class time; then track time to apply what we have learned. And I do feel that every track time I got faster and faster, because of your and the other instructors ability to not only tell us, but show us how to use the instruction given. Plus being able to follow an instructor is fantastic. It helped me personally to learn better lines.

It was awesome to ride that fast and feel like I was gaining more control over my machine. When I rode before your class I was more likely to be holding on to the bike, where now I feel like I am starting to understand my bike and command it to do as I want. In short, thank you for helping me become a better, safer, and more efficient rider. I look forward to taking your class in the future.

As a side note, I have a blog about my motorbikes, that I did a post about your school. If you get bored check it out. Tedsbikes.wordpress.com

Ted Mc.


Reg, Gigi, and all the CLASS Instructors:

Even though I have only attended a grand total of three CLASS events, I would like to say thank you for providing such a wonderful atmosphere to learn, and most importantly providing a TECHNIQUE format instead of just an all out racing format...read more here


Reg & Gigi,

I really appreciate you and your staff. Riding with your team is like riding with family. I've been doing track days for about 2 years now and I am hooked....unfortunately your schedule does not always work out with mine, but I will be working on that. I sent a few emails to some of your sponsors and wanted to send them to you too.

Thanks again,
Bill A


Hey Reg, On smoothness, I just returned from MMP, and at a track day there, took a few laps on the back of a instructors (????) 1000rr. What a mess! He hacked at the brakes, yanked on virtually every component of the bike, I could not be less impressed. All because I rode on the back of your bike, way back when @ sears point.... Thanks to you I know what smooth means, and its effect..... thanks again.... cheers, JF


Thanks Reg and Gigi,

I had another great day with CLASS at Streets of Willows this last April! It was a great day with an outstanding instructor to student ratio. Jeff was exceptionally helpful spending some track time with me getting some techniques and lines down. Your courses are always very well organized and professional. The instruction I have gotten from CLASS has save me on a couple of occasions. It has helped me in to ride smoother and safer. On one ride I took up in Montana I had 4 of 5 days of rain. I had always avoided rain, however, I found that applying the smooth riding techniques I have learned from these courses made the ride enjoyable and safe.

Thanks again Reg and crew!! I will see you again at another CLASS

Sincerely, Guy G.



Just wanted to let you know I had an amazing time with you guys yesterday. I have ridden with Keith Code, done Doug Polen’s One on One day, and have attended most track days run through the California tracks (Fasttrack, Track Club, you name it) so I have standards of reference. For the sheer amount of track time alone, plus the lower number of riders in the session, your school wins hands down. The instructors were great, and I will definitely be back, hopefully with some friends.

In appreciation for all all your hard work to make the track day so rewarding for the participants.

Philip D.


Could not find a way to put this onto your website so here it is.

1) Your instructor Aaron is excellent. I deal with the public and clients on a daily basis. He has wonderful people skills and is a first class instructor. He is a valuable asset for your team.
2) I truly got my moneys worth from your class. It was an excellent experience and I learned a ton. 32 years on a bike and I was still open to and ble to learn so much more. It raised my game.
3) Tons of track time, lots of fun. Still smiling today.
4) Reg is a hoot and a kind and smart man. I enjoyed meeting him and he took an interest in every student, critical and genuine.
5) Gigi is swell and a very nice person.
6) I will return, maybe with a more capable track bike if the money gods smile my way.

Terry K.


Hi Mr. Pridmore,

Your book "Smooth Riding the Pridmore Way" has been instrumental in changing my attitude and riding skill to the positive. I have read your book several times since purchasing about two years ago. I will be participating in my first track day at Loudon this coming June. The information I have gleaned from your book has been extremely beneficial in my preparation for this first track day. Being smooth and RPMs (Throttle Management) are your friend, have given me a total different perspective to riding my ZX14. Thank you for providing such a wonderful resource.

Thank you,
Kirt M.


Dear Reg and Gigi,

Not having been on a track ever, I was a little apprehensive when I showed up for Class last Tuesday at Infineon, but the butterflies quickly dispersed. I want to thank you and your excellent instructors for putting a grin on my face that appears to last longer than what 2-week vacations used to do for me! Plus, I really felt I learned a lot of useful techniques, most of all the value a little body input. It made a huge difference esp. in curve 6 in keeping the bike steady and calm at high speed. My Duc Hypermotard also wants thank you as well, because she had a great time too ;-)

Best regards,

Pleasanton, CA



I have been a student of yours many times and periodically I will try another school. I have to tell you that having just returned from a two day school with another reputable provider, yours are the 'class' of the field (sorry about the bad pun). Your class room sessions are exemplary, there is a level of dedication, communication and education provided by you and your instructors that is unmatched in the industry. The other key component is the safety that is maintained when we are on track and under way. All your instructors make sure that things run smoothly and safely out on the track in a way that keeps me relaxed and focused on what I'm working on rather than worrying about what might happen at the next interaction with another rider. Thank you so much for what you do and I'm sorry I won't be able to be with you up at the Oregon Raceway Park this year, work obligations.


Wade M.


Hi Reg and Gigi,

I wanted to say "Hi" and "Thanks"... It has been quite a while since I lasted attended CLASS. I think my last go 'round was at Infineon (Oct 09). The reason for the "thanks" now is that if it wasn't for CLASS, I would never have been able to do a cross country round trip. I spent 3 weeks traveling from northern California to Long Island NY. On the way back, I went on the old Route 66 logging over 7300 miles. The skills and confidence I got from CLASS were invaluable! Anyone who thinks the information you teach is just for racers should think again. Those who knows me knows I am the furthest thing from a racer. In fact I am probably one of of your slowest repeat students. For me, it is not about speed... It is about being in control of your bike and being safe. Training in throttle control, braking, shifting, etc are all things that helped me make this trip.

My last CLASS session out at Infineon almost didn't happen. Phil talked me into staying for a really bad weather day. I think the winds were really blowing and we got about 2" of rain that day. I only stayed until 1:30 but that was the most valuable training I have received to date. That day helped me prepare for some scary times in Missouri thunder storms and Arizona wind (dust) storms. Throw in a little hail and that is what I got to ride in. That day I learned that tension and stress need and can be dealt with.

I will forever be thankful that I got to attend CLASS and hope to make some of your schools later this year or next year when times are better for me. If you are interested, here is a link to my blog from the trip: http://yubancat.blogspot.com/

Please keep doing what your doing and I hope to see you guys real soon. Also, please say "Hi" to the rest of the gang for me.




I just want to tell you and all your team " thanks" for one of the most amazing days of my life. While making the two hour ride back to LA on my bike after the class, many of your words were echoing in my brain. I felt more alert and confident on my bike than before and know that this will be a continuing process of education. Reg, I think what really comes across in the program like gangbusters is how much you care about us getting what you are offering and your passion for the sport and our safety. Even though you've done this thousands of times, you ain't "phoning it in," and that engages us as students. I am still working it out to see if I can make one of the days in April and/or possibly the one at Sears Point. I'll be in touch.

thanks again, Dave

Hello all,

Thank you all for the awesome awesome day... I have to say that when I arrived and saw all those fancy bikes and fancy outfits I thought " what the he'll am I doing here? Do I belong here?" but I have to say that EVERYONE made me feel so welcome and with all the great one on one help from all your great instructors I left there a different much more confident rider and I can't wait to come back!

Cheers! Nancy

...My friend Carlos, who was a first-time CLASS participant, said that he learned a lot and was most impressed with the availability of the instructors throughout the day. His comment to me was, "Why doesn't everybody do this class?" I always appreciate the relaxed, yet professional, atmosphere of CLASS. I will keep recommending you to others.

cheers, Brent

Gigi, this really goes out to everyone at CLASS. So I decided to go out to Chuckwalla and try out their race program to see if I like the track and their organization. My confidence was strong enough to run lap-times quick enough to get front row on both of my 600 class races! Then my starts, as you know I spent an entire day on... Ole stated that I was 5 bike lengths ahead of the next bike going into turn 1 for both races!!! Yes, 3 exclamation points. To be able to show up to a track I have never seen before, figure out the lines and consistently run them (even after an off track excursion in race 1) is really a testament to the training I got last year with you all. It was all worth it.

I plan on running CVMA for the rest of this year and I'll likely not race again at WSMC for a variety of reasons. If the schedule permits I will really enjoy coming back to CLASS and just kicking the tires and running around the track for fun (instead of the pursuit of perfection) with all the friends I made.

Please pass my sincere gratitude to Reg, and the entire staff at CLASS for helping me get to this point. I wouldn't be here without you.

Oh, and Kevin at Dunlop says "hey"

#665 WSMC & CVMA



Just wanted to drop you a belated thanks for hosting the terrific class at Laguna on 11/22. Turns out getting to ride the first half of the day in rain was good preparation given that it's rained just about everyday since then in CA. It's also a tribute to the Dunlop Sportmax Q2 tires that I had installed right before class; I was really impressed with them in wet and dry conidtions on the track and have given them a workout in similar conditions in the twisties since then as well. The CLASS recommendation was the reason I really homed in on Dunlops rather than go with the Michelins that my local BMW dealer has favored in the past. Sidi and Shoei products will figure into my next purchase of riding boots and helmet for sure. Special thanks to Gary as well for excellent 1 on 1 feedback - really helped me to get a read on cornering pace, positioning, and line selection. My only regret is that I didn't check you guys out sooner.

Happy New Year and hope to join CLASS again in the future,



To Reg and all the instructors/staff,

I attended my first CLASS yesterday at Laguna Seca, and I just wanted to thank you all for an amazing and informative experience. After many years on board motorcycles, in the dirt and on the street, your instruction, advice and opportunity to practice on a track made me realize just how much there is still to learn (and how many bad habits I have). It was one of the most exciting moments of my motorcycling career. The attitudes, approachability, and genuine willingness to help exhibited by all members of your "family" exceeded all expectation. I look forward to attending another CLASS when you return to Laguna Seca. By then I will have pored over every word and image in your book!

All the best,


Dear Gigi, Reg, and Crew,

Thank you so much for a great day at Sears Point on Tuesday. It has been a while since I have attended a day at the track, and also with CLASS.
I do know I’m a bit of a quiet student, but just listening to the instructors and other students questions and feedback is very helpful. Most of my own questions and thoughts were addressed in the classroom by other attendees. Your instructors straight forward delivery of concepts and techniques is awesome. The atmosphere that your group provides in the classroom and on the track is, to say the least, WAY COOL. :) Once again, thank you very much. I look forward to attending another CLASS session in the future.

Guy Jr.

gregorHi Reg,

Your school changed my life. It might seem hyperbolic but let me explain.

I started out 10 years ago as an average street rider in the C group and after a few different courses was comfortable in the A group. That led to racing and the smoothness I learned with you was the perfect foundation for racing 125's and 250 GP bikes. I won a lot of races and was even hired to stunt ride for ad campaigns for BMW. After being in my 5th ad campaign I knew I wanted to photograph those same campaigns.

Well the long and the short of it is I just finished shooting the BMW campaign that I was a rider in 7 years ago. I have a number of industry clients now and it's been a refreshing addition to my career. And it all started when you blew my mind on the the 2 up ride in your school. I knew I had to learn to ride like that someday and, while it took a few years, I did. Those skills have kept me safe for over a 100,000 miles.



PS Are you still doing the 2 up rides? I want to send you some friends for the VIR school and I might just sign up myself for a refresher since I've been riding and racing mostly dirt for the past 4 years.


Reg and staff,

I wanted to thank you for the greatest experience I have ever had on my bike. All the aftermarket goodies in the world can't replace the performance you can get out of your bike by learning how to ride it better. This was my first time on a track and I was nervous at first but, quickly got up to speed with the guidance and input from yourself and your staff. Not all people can be great at something and also teach people how to be good as well. You all do this with straight forward applicable information, as one instructor told me "you are getting a lot out of your bike now it's time to get your butt off the seat and get more out of it". That's information you can use! Your class improved my confidence in all areas of riding, particularly in the rain after Tuesday's monsoon! Thank you again and I will be out there again with CLASS!

James F


Thanks Reg,

You know some people say “ignorance is bliss”, but I can tell you that saying does not ever apply when it comes to riding a motorcycle. Being ignorant could get you really hurt or worse...

I have had my motorcycle license for 36 years now. I got it when I was 16 so you can do the math on my age if you want too. I considered myself a pretty good rider,, that was until your class.. (Man, the things I learned and was able to apply right away was amazing!) Thanks to you and your instructors my time in your class at Laguna Seca has definitively made me a better rider and just that much more prepared.

My nephew and I attended your class together, the experience is something we both will never forget. We bought and now ride our new R6’s together. It hard to put into words how cool that really is. Please give my special “THANKS” to Gigi. She gave us both some much need input on what we could do to help our riding and we really appreciated it.

I am sure we will attend additional classes and track days when you return to Northern California. Now in my Fifties, I’m not that interested in being the fastest out there, so being in the “C” group was perfect for me. Thanks for a very safe environment.

Regards and Sincere Thanks,
Paul T.


Hi Reg,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note and thank you for all you have taught me during the schools I have taken over the years. I really wish I could have made it to VIR this year but had a scheduling conflict that prevented it (I was at Grattan for a race). I am not currently street riding as I have decided for the time being to ride solely during track days and race weekends. I have been getting all of the riding I can take as I have got on with Sportbike Track Time as an instructor. It has been a rewarding experience being able to work with riders that are looking to further their skill sets and seeing the pleasure they get from expanding their understanding of motorcycle dynamics. We don’t get a chance to talk about street skills specifically but hopefully the increased confidence and awareness of their motorcycles capability will make them safer on the street.

I ran the complete WERA Mid-Central schedule this year as a novice and had a very good year with several wins and numerous podiums. The skills you taught me especially in the area of running tight lines played a large part in my success, there were numerous times I had competitors come up to me after a race and comment that they had no idea you could take that tight a line, at least up until the moment I passed them on the inside! I ended up the year with 3 regional championships in the Mid-Central region (A Superbike, B Superbike and Senior Superbike) and 2 in the Southeast (B Superbike and Senior Superbike). That of course means I will start next year with expert status so I will likely only run a limited schedule of my favorite tracks and use it as a learning year.

I hope you schedule for next year does include coming back to the east coast as I would very much like to attend again, you can never get too much information! Thanks again and all the best!

David B.


Hi Reg and Team,

Thank you to you and your crew for such an awesome day on Tues at Infineon. I always have the most fun at your track programs compared to others. .. Keep up the good work. Please let me know when you will be back at Infineon. I got three friends to join me this time. There will be more in the future once word gets out. Keep me on your email list for future track dates.

Thanks, Larry G.


Mr Reg,

I took all you said to heart and it paid off Big for me! The last session of the day was my best! It will take years of practice and many track days to get to where I want to be, however I am in No hurry to get there.

Your instructors were the smoothest in control riders I've ever been on a track with of all the track days I've done previously with other organizations. Special thanks to Aaron who took time to evaluate me and give me some pointers.

I left your class feeling more confident, sorted, organized, and over all safer, as a rider. Hopefully some day I will be able to ride like Wayne Harris who flew by me on his 50k Mv so Smooth and in control I thought, that's how I want to be able to ride someday!

Your whole program and staff were Great! First Class! & Very Professional! I never felt safer being on the track with a bunch of strangers than at your school.

I would love to do Laguna in Nov, however I will be out of town with family. I will definitely be coming back in the near future!

Thanks again, Clark S.

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Hi Reg,

I just wanted to say thanks for a great couple of days at Sears Point.  When I awoke Tuesday morning to find my battery drained I was so frustrated but when I finally got the bike started and made it to the track Clark was so understanding and helpful in getting me signed up, inspected and out on the track.  He even lead me around the first lap to make sure my head was right and my tires were warm.

Unlike my stint at Laguna in May, I took full advantage of the on track instruction.  I got very useful advice from Gigi on moving around on the bike, she had noticed me "hopping" a bit and helped me to correct it.  Even took me around for a couple laps to demonstrate.  Fred helped me to understand how to relax my arms more and use my feet and knees to move the bike and Jeff helped me smooth out my braking.

During one of the later sessions Simon flagged me down and we ran several laps together, the pace was excellent and he used arm and hand signals to give me tips...it was fantastic.

Thanks again and I hope to see you at Laguna,



I just wanted to drop and line and say thanks to Reg and the whole crew. Everyone was so friendly and helpful, they went out of there way to make sure you were getting all your questions answered. I learned more in the two days then I have in my 30 years of riding, truly a amazing experience. I look forwarded to my next one, I think back to Infineon in October will do the trick.

Thanks Mates for the time of my life....



from a letter to the CLASS sponsors...

I wanted to take the opportunity to express to the sponsors of the Class motorcycle school the great experience I had recently with Reg and his team at Laguna Seca. It was my first track experience after 30+ years of riding and I had the time of my life. Reg is a great teacher, and his staff is warm, helpful, knowledgeable, and personable. I am already planning my next session.
Please continue your generous support of this effort, it is priceless.

John Mc.



I can’t thank you and your team enough for the most awesome day of riding I have ever experienced. As a 57 year old rider of only two years, I was very apprehensive about attending CLASS. My biggest concern was not that I might crash but, getting in the way of the faster riders. You and your staff supported the ‘slower‘ rider all day. You maintained control of the track and your team has the most fantastic teaching skills I have ever come across. To a one they all were highly skilled and knew how to get the message across in a positive and uplifting way.

Thanks again and look forward to next time.

Rick C.


Hey! Reg, Gigi and Crew.

   I attended the CLASS session at VIR with my friend Rick Patton and his daughter Jen. Rick attended CLASS the last time you came East and we were glad to see you come back. Rick highly recommended your training to me. I want to thank you and everyone; from Hayley helping out over the phone to all your team at the track. You are a 1st Class Teacher and the standard you represent is mirrored in all who helped us at VIR. When it's hot and people are working multiple days trying to "heard cats with type A personalities" and they maintain their professionalism with a positive attitude, you know they possess a great deal of expertise and have a true love for what they are doing. I can't say enough good about how much I learned and how fun and safe you all made the experience.
   On a side note, Reg, it was an honor to meet and learn from you. I'm glad you are able to pass the baton for the next generation to take the helm. I will attend CLASS again when the guys come back East. I hope you and Gigi can make an appearance and perhaps have a little more time to enjoy some Southern hospitality and the beautiful mountain roads we have down in the Blue Ridge and Smokey's.

All the best in your future endeavors!


Poster Child for CLASS/Bob Williamson
Western North Carolina

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   I am so angry with you all I could spit!!! I had such a good time and learned so much that NOW I'm going to have to go and get a sport bike so I can come back and learn more and have more fun!!! You are going to cost me a fortune. I don't know what you were thinking!!! LOL
   Seriously, it was GREAT!!! I came home and immediately put the new skills I learned to work. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! It was money well spent.
   Special thanks to Gery who finally said the right thing to get me to use my body to steer and relax my arms; Jeff got me to apply those brakes SMOOTHLY; Thanks to Simon for helping me to finally understand where the slow lane was; And Reg, thanks for the SMOOTH throttle control.
   ALL the instructors were very approachable which was very important to a newbie like me. I know I still have a lot to learn still so when I can, I WILL be back.



To the CLASS crew,

  I wanted to thank you for a wonderful time at Barber this year and I can't wait until you return to the eastern part of the country. Reg, you have a great program and a great team. I wanted to let you know that Gery went above and beyond the call of duty while working with me. He even let me follow him for a full session which helped me tremendously.
  When I moved up to the "A" group on the second day, Aaron was a big help in trying to refine my position on the bike and maintaining the proper line. It was a pleasure to follow Gigi around at the end of the second day. She's very smooth and her pace was about perfect for my "in progress" skills. Thanks again for a great time!



Thanks to all for the great classes at VIR. My first time on a track. I have ridden Harleys for 30+ years using counter steering as per the Experienced Rider Classes I have taken. Boy, what a difference it makes when you work with the bike vs leveraging it down via counter steering. You guys have totally revamped my riding. I am re learning how to use the throttle, clutch and brakes, not to mention body steering and looking where I want to go. ( I thought I was until Jeff worked with me). I am very happy report that all the stuff you guys taught me works just the same on my Road Glide as it does on my R1200RT. It is more beneficial on the Harley since that bike is so much more ground clearance impaired. Tremendous stuff. I work on it every time I ride. I will be back next year, hopefully with friends



To All,

Just a short note to let you know how much we appreciate your support of Reg Pridmore's CLASS Riding School. Reg and his team were the finest. To have a group like that dedicated to helping others learn to ride smooth and safe is wonderful and we're fortunate to have people like Reg lead the way. In addition to learning the best riding skills, having reliable, quality equipment is equally important. Clearly Reg, Gigi, and the rest of the team know their stuff and their endorsement of your products is backed up by their own knowledge and experience. To learn about products from folks at this level in the sport speaks volumes to the standards of quality and performance that we depend on. When it's time to buy, we're looking for Reg's sponsors!

Best Regards,
Jerry and Val Dodd
CLASS @ Willow Springs, April 7, 2008

Reg, Gigi and all the guys,

Thanks for a great Saturday at the track. I'd never been on a track before and have to say truthfully I was apprehensive, although I've done a whole lot more dangerous things in my life. Everyone of you seemed so happy to be here in Texas and I felt that you put your heart and soul into this day just for all of us in "The Class". I hope you had as much fun as I did. I learned some great new ways to handle my bike and am intent on practicing the things you all taught me. I drove the 425 miles from Houston back to Wichita Falls and got in on Sunday morning at 1:00 AM. Sunday afternoon I was out on my bike trying the new techniques I had been shown. I'm getting better all the time and look forward to your next trip to Texas.

I'm spreading the word around North Texas about your great class and hope to bring a sizable group from this area to your next visit to Texas. Again, thanks for a great experience and thanks for showing me how to ride faster, smoother and safer.....it really works!!

Wichita Falls, Texas

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Just wanted to thank you for a great year with Class. I attended 5 track days at the Streets this year as a new sports bike rider (primarily rode dirt bikes for the last 20 years) and have never had so much fun on 2 wheels. I think my highlight was lapping with Gigi the other day. I was looking at the photos taken by Ian from my first day at Class and comparing them to my fifth day and there was definitely some noticeable improvement... but I still have a long way to go! I look forward to doing many more track days with you in 2008.

Your school is the best run in the the business. When I was researching a track school to attend everybody I talked to recommended Class and they were 100% right in their recommendations. I have been to 2 other schools and they do not compare with your organization and the way you run your track days. I have always felt completely safe on the track and improved my riding by listening to your instructors and putting into practice their knowledge. Also I noticed that the people who attend your school are there to learn and improve their riding skills rather than just run as much track time as possible, which is why people travel from all over the country to attend your school. All in all your run a first rate school for both the first time track rider and the experienced track rider.

All the best.


For Reg, Gigi, and the CLASS folks-- 

My son and I attended your CLASS at Streets of Willow on Friday, 12 October.  Three thoughts-- 

First, you have a group of super people, both your instructors and your core Force Five students.  The number of people who jumped in to make sure I was OK and to help me get my bike in running order and taken care of amazed me.  I'm terrible with last names, but from Reg and Gigi on down, Dave the mechanic, Dave the Canadian (now living in San Diego), Chuck the Force-5'er with his RC51,  and a couple of the other instructors did everything they could to get my bike fixed and me back on the track.  Totally selfless on their part, they used their own tools and materials and tried for hours.  When it finally was determined to be in the "to hard to do" box, Chuck made room for me on his trailer and even dropped me off in LA, going pretty well out of his way to do so--for a total stranger no less.  An amazing group of people that it was a pleasure to meet and be associated with.

Second; it was my son's first instruction (aside from the MSF Beginner rider course) and it was exactly what both he and I was looking for.  He was very impressed with both the instruction and the instructors; you have instructors who are great with "people skills", riding skills, and the ability to teach others.  He had nothing but good to say about everyone he worked with, and has told me a few times already over the past few days how he is using what he learned in CLASS out there in the streets every day.  Thanks! 

Last thought, for Reg;  it was a pleasure talking to you and remembering a mutual friend, Pierre.  A great example of the "it's a small world" and the linkage between aviation and the motorcycle world.  It was good to reflect back on a friend who was a good man, good Army Officer, good pilot, and good wrench!  Like I said, he is indirectly the reason I enrolled in CLASS, which I will take as a favor from him some 18 years after I last saw him.    The only better way to reflect back on him would have been with a pint in hand--maybe next time!

We'll be back!

Best regards, Paul F. O'Sullivan, Jr.

Hello Reg and Gigi,

Just wanted to say thank you again for a great day on Friday. Was in the canyons on Saturday and saw significant improvement in smoothness and confidence. On Sunday I was on the freeway and saw an even larger improvement. The freeway has always been my biggest demon, but I was definitely more comfortable, especially on the curves.

All of the instructors that worked with me were very gracious and helpful. It seemed that each had a slightly different perspective on my riding, and emphasized things a little differently, which I liked. In particular though, I enjoyed working with Aaron; he is very observant and patient.

Hope to see for another class soon.

Nancy Novak Glendale, CA

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Dear CLASS friends,

My wife and I recently attended the Reg Pridmore CLASS Motorcycle school at the Streets of Willow Racepark in Rosamond, CA. We would like to attend again in the future. Please put us on your mailing list. We look forward to the 2008 schedule.

We were both very pleased with the very low student to instructor ratio. This was my first track day and first motorcycle school since MSF school at the Honda center in Colton over Five years ago. Several instructors offered key suggestions to me in a positive, no pressure manner. Ron introduced me to being on a track. Fred was instantly available when I approached the "one-on-one Help Desk". John was patient with me at the braking exercise. Jeff found me strugling though the turns. Clark noticed my roughness late in the day. Each of these instructors knew why I was having trouble. Each found a way to make me understand how to improve significantly.

My wife has attended track days and schools organized by other groups. She remarked "I wish my first track day school was like CLASS. It would have been much more enjoyable." She was particularly pleased with Aaron. He spent several sessions coaching her through a difficult time. She hadn't realized how much impact her recent spill (at a track day with poor track stewardship) was affecting her. By the end of the day, Aaron had Lea in group "A" and back on top of her game.

We will strongly suggest CLASS to our friends that ride, and to riders we meet on the road. That is how I learned about CLASS.

Thanks for a great day!

Chuck and Lea Cutshall,
Hesperia, CA

P.S. Since that day, I now enjoy riding more than ever. I learned how to turn.

Reg, Gigi, and the lot....

Many thanks for the excellent day of instruction and fun at the desert oasis that is Rosamond, California!! Seriously, my 15 year old son Patrick and I had a very fun and productive day with you and your staff. I know that you stress smoothness and other basic street skills at Class, and this emphasis was exactly what I was seeking to help Pat's progress with his road racing. The "no pressure" day to practice technique and reinforce the Basics really paid off this weekend. Pat runs the WERA West series on his SV 650 and he improved his times at Fontana this weekend by over 5 seconds per lap, winning twice and placing 2nd in a third class. I really appreciated the encouragement and positive comments from you and your staff, as did my son. Thank you again for a great day. Our group will be back, and I promise to bring Keith Mashburn out to play with us when we do.

Alan & Patrick McCord

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Name here is Pat Murray. I just attended your CLASS on 5/14 and 15th. WONDERFUL, GREAT, CLASSY….You name it!!! Thank you so much for educational, interesting and fun experience. I’ve been practicing many of the things you taught ever since attending…the only problem is…I can’t remember everything you taught…so…guess I’ll have to come back again!

As I checked out of the Novato Oaks on Wednesday the lady said your CLASS guests (at the motel) were consistently the nicest group of people to use their facility. She attributed it to the fact that “Nice folks attract nice folks…like Reg and Gigi.” Just thought you would like the feedback.


Hi Reg,
Thanks for two more beautiful days at my favorite track, good OLD Sears Point!  Four dates per year just doesn't seem enough for that wonderful layout, but at least you have two of the best months with May and October. You can put me down for all four dates every year, so throw in a few Laguna days and I guess I'll be a Force 5 guy for a long time to come! I see that you used my letter from last fall on the F5 web page, just want you to know that I am flattered and truly honored. Hope it conveys my appreciation to your present and future customers. Looking forward to Laguna next month.


Hi Reg,

I don’t know if you ever get tired of hearing this, but THANKS again for a great CLASS out at Infineon this past week. Every time I come out, I either have something very specific that I want to work on or I take a few laps and discover something I want to work on. Some of the items in the past: down shifting, throttle control, body turning, and braking (from the last 4 CLASSES at Laguna). At Infineon, it was weighting the pegs and turning my head and looking farther into the turn. I find that I start practicing certain things on the track but carry them over into my everyday riding. Every time I throw my leg over the seat, I try to keep all these things in mind.

I still can’t get over how your instructors are able to remember me. I mean with so many students, I would see how things can be forgotten. Well, on Tuesday morning, I was talking to Ted and he told me that he remembers my first days at Laguna last Thanksgiving. How I was basically just rolling around the track, not very controlled. He said watching me out at Infineon, I looked like an entirely different rider. He dared to call me “a competent rider”. I hear things like that and it motivated me to learn and practice more.

During the breaking exercises, you had mentioned that I like learning to get more enjoyment out of my riding. Although this is true, I learn because I want to make it home in one piece every time I go out. I see you after so many years of riding and know that you must know a little something about riding if you are still alive. Again, this motivates me even more.

I guess now it is practice time until the fall when I will see you guys again in October out at Willow Springs. Have a great summer and send my thanks to all the instructors. You all make coming to CLASS fun. Again, Thanks…


Anthony de la Llera

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Class Motorcycle School is just that. A class school. My husband and I would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to Reg, his Class and the Instructors for the best day of our lives. We even agreed that track day surpassed the time we had at our Daytona wedding. For days and days we shared what we experienced with each other. It was a day we will always remember. Thank you, Phil Smith for helping us set up our track day.

First, I was very impressed by Reg. Reg is a unique individual who takes his championship riding skills and is able to teach those skills to other riders. Not everyone can do that. He has developed a tried and true curriculum which results in everyone becoming a better rider.

Another exceptional feature of the Class Motorcycle School is the level of experience of the Instructors. It was amazing to see how quickly the Instructors identified what to teach each rider. Each instructor had a knack for knowing when to pull you off the track and when to let you practice. We were never overwhelmed. And the ratio of Instructors to riders makes it feel like you have a dedicated instructor. There is no finer school.

Thank you for inviting Ian to the track to take our pictures. We wanted to hold on to the feeling we had when we left the track so being able to look at a picture allows us to re-live the day over and over again. (The pictures also let us see our improvement throughout the day.) This let me know that you still remember the thrill / excitement of learning how to ride. It’s those little extra touches that make this Class stand out from the rest.

We would like to give a special “THANK YOU” to the Instructors we had the fortune to have teach us. To Phil Smith who rode with my husband and brought back the confidence to ride at the pace he used to before I started riding. To Jeff German who through his wit was able to relax my husband and get him to focus on his riding posture. Again to Jeff German who gave me the tools to learn the correct lines. To Gary Crandall who kept me focused on riding in the correct position. To Gigi Scherrey who was the first instructor to pull me aside. She instilled the confidence I needed to relax and learn.

When the day was over and it was time to go home, we felt like we had just returned from the ultimate and most exciting vacation of our lives. It only took one day (and a lot less money than a vacation) to feel that high. We have since been riding and have experienced the results of the Class. My husband used what he learned at class and advanced his riding ability. It had been many years since he was able to improve how he rides. And now I can understand why my husband could not relax and enjoy our rides together. This time I was confident, my pace was better and I had the right skills to ride safely. But most importantly, he knew I had the skills to ride.


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,

Dennis & Michele Smith


(to our sponsors) Gentlemen-

Thank you for your support of the CLASS Motorcycle Schools. I recently completed my first class taught by Reg Pridmore at Streets of Willow and would like you to know it was well worth it, in addition to having one of the best days on my bike. I can say that Reg's class has made me aware of what it really takes to be a safe, smooth motorcycle rider and I can't agree more with Reg's riding philosophy. There is no doubt the experiences and lessons shared by Reg will serve as the foundation of sound riding fundamentals and anticipate building on this foundation at my next class session. I have only one regret after taking Reg's class and that is not taking the class at the beginning of my riding journey started 15 years ago. I will strongly recommend this class to anyone interested in riding and to all my riding buddies.

Thank you once again and I urge your continued support for this aspect of motorcycle riding. More importantly, your company will be first on my list to call when I am in need of your products and/or services.


Mr. Rene Strapp

reg, gigi & crew

thank you for 2 wonderful days on 2 wheels. it has been a long time since i have been to class & this was probably the most fun you can ever in school!

I arrived on day one as a motocross rider, very stiff, very upright & unsure off what my bike (triumph daytona 675) could do. by following the classes & instructors on the track I soon discovered I had a lot to learn and was somewhat intimidated. however it is all about listening, practice & seat time and as each session progressed I felt my confidence & abilities grow but still felt in control of my bike. by the afternoon I knew i had to come back for day two & keep practicing.

after a good nights sleep (& a very spicy chinese diner w/ the class instructors.... thank you) day two arrived with much excitement. time to keep practicing and as the day progressed it all started falling into place. below are pictures from turn 3 from day one (#36) & day two (#28). a picture is worth a thousand words & I think this says it all....

once again thank you. you run a very fun but safe riding school & i will be back with friends on the 24th...



A letter to our sponsors... I am writing to thank you for your support of Reg Pridmore's CLASS motorcycle school. I have just completed my fifth school and have as many more scheduled thru out the rest of this year. That should suggest the degree of my satisfaction with what Reg and his staff are doing.

Reg is a born teacher and he has picked a staff to match. His strong emphasis on safety combined with his enthusiasm sets the perfect tone to make students comfortable enough to stretch themselves, but always (well almost) with in their own limits. I have proven to myself the importance to paying attention by not paying quite enough attention and ending up off the course, but still up right.

Reg and his staff are roll models in how they ride and what equipment they choose. I have copied them and now use equipment from just over half of his sponsors. I still don't ride quite the way they do, but I'm working on it. I am already a much smoother and safer rider on the street and that was my primary goal. But I continue to learn and have fun so I will keep attending the schools.

Congratulations on choosing to sponsor such a worthwhile enterprise and thank you again.

V/R: Jack Shale


Dear Reg & Gigi,

Just wanted to say thanks for a great day at Laguna this past Friday.

Over the years, I've attended about ten of your schools. Each one has expanded and improved my motorcycling skills and knowledge. I've ridden hundreds of thousands of commuting, touring and track miles. My CLASS days are highlights in that experience. The lessons learned at each school made all the subsequent riding more enjoyable.

Another benefit of attending multiple schools is the privilege of spending time with you, your excellent instructors and the CLASS regulars. In building CLASS, you've done more than just build a motorcycling school, you've established a community bound by a shared passion. It's a fantastic thing to take part in.


Marc Goldburg



First off, I want to thank you for the great time out at Laguna Seca this past holiday (11/22 and 11/24). I have been riding for only a year but found your class to be exactly what I needed. I was hoping that I got to the class before I had time to develop bad riding habits. The information that was presented was easy to understand and follow…as long as the student (meaning me) is open to it. I could list all the things I came away with, but then this e-mail will never end.

Even with my lack of riding experience, I found the instructors I worked with never pressured me to go faster and were EXTREMELY patient... I wanted to  extend a special thanks to Ron, Ted, Gigi, and Craig for their insightful instruction. With Ted, he actually rode up as I was getting ready to come into the class room and ask if everything was OK. He then worked with me on what I should try to improve my body turning next time. I tried to put the info to good use on the next go-around. With Gigi, she made me stay behind as all the other B riders entered the track. She explained that she had been watching me and my corning wasn’t as smooth as it could be. She asked me to work on relaxing my arms (*teeth clinched* “I AM HAVING A GOOD TIME”) and throttle control and she would check back with me after lunch. In my last track session, she passed me with the thumbs up. After the class began to break up, I spoke with her outside where I found out that she followed and observed my riding for 2 full laps before she passed me. She stated that I had made a big improvement from the session just before lunch. I know that speed is not what is stressed in the class, but I found that from Wednesday to Friday, my comfort level on the bike and track increased. Trusting that my tires will stick, I went from taking corners at ~25 MPH for the first few times around the track to 40-50 MPH comfortably and without fear of losing control. I know that the bike can do it much, much faster, but for now, I am happy with the improvement.

I can’t thank you and your group enough for the guidance you provided on what I should work on to control my bike. From all that I have read about these newer sport bikes, without proper training, these bikes are nothing more than expensive suicide machines. I want my bike to be a source of enjoyment, not sadness and I think your CLASS was a step in the right direction. I look forward to seeing the ’07 schedule as I would like to enroll in as many CLASSes as my time and finances will allow (Laguna Seca, Infineon, Willow tracks).

I look forward to seeing you and your crew out at the track again.


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