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This will be the first place special deals for individual schools will pop up. If you would like to be notified of deals and receive Reg's monthly or semi monthly newsletter, get on the email list.

Early Sign up Deals

Check the CLASS Calendar for early sign up dates for certain schools.

2 Day Discount

Check the CLASS Calendar for 2 day prices on back to back schools.

Group Discounts

If you get a group of friends together for a standard CLASS, we want to make it worth your while. Get a group of 6 friends together and you'll get the 7th school free!


Force 5Friends of Reg's CLASS Experience. If you would like to take lots of CLASS days, get to know others that like to do the same, and also want to save a few bucks, this is the club for you.

Military Discounts - 2016

As a Special Thank You to the brave men and women in the military who have been over in Iraq and Afghanistan in the past 10 years, Reg is offering a special deal. If you qualify, we will discount any school on our schedule this year $100. Please read the fine print for details.

Dunlop Tires, delivered fresh to your door:

The new Sportmax Q3:   Carbon fiber technology has once helped Dunlop to raise the bar in street/track tires. Dunlop combines the handling qualities demanded on the race track, with the longevity you want in a street tire. $250 delivered to your door.*

Click to order tires

*Tire delivery to Continental US only

The fine print: With the exception of ordering tires, offers cannot be combined.  In order to qualify for group discounts, you must pay full price for each school in the block and the block must be paid for in full at the time of purchase.  With "friends" discounts (i.e.: bring a friend, save $50): only two riders per discount unless otherwise stated.

Military discounts will require a DD214 (and undeniable proof you are the person in the DD214) or BIR as proof you have served in Iraq or Afghanistan the past 6 years. That means boots on the ground unless otherwise approved by Reg. If you are still enlisted, you may provide proof in the form of orders or a fitness report. The main idea is to have undeniable proof. Anybody messing with our requirements has the Marines to answer to ;-) Limit one discount per person for the year. The number of attendees with military discounts is limited to 10 riders per school. Sorry but if you have already taken advantage of this discount in the past 3 years, you are not eligible in 2016.

CLASS reserves the right to amend discount procedures without notice.