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"Thank you Reg and Gigi for a great couple of days at VIR. The CLASS exceeded my expectations. I have about 150 days on tracks using the standard “school” or wide line (between cars and bikes) so this was a paradigm shift for me to always strive for tight, economical lines.

Some more feedback: the two of you are some of the warmest, genuine, caring, enthusiastic people that I have ever met. The classroom lectures (discussions) clearly came from the heart. Humility is a valuable quality in everyone and your own humility set the example for all of us. “There is always someone faster than you, and always someone slower than you.” That is a profound thought to keep in mind.

I was also impressed with how clean the A group riding was, especially day two. Most of these folks really know how to ride. I gave up open track days because the clientele is too crazy and their attitudes were infecting me. I felt very safe out there in CLASS.

I will be back, and I will bring my friends."




What's up at CLASS?

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We kick off our 2016 Season March 21 at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, and the following week we'll be back at Streets of Willow. Sign up by Feb 15 for a bunch of CLASS dates and save!

We've got an awesome 2016 riding seasonshaping up and new this year: We're renting some Hondas! The light, nimble and super fun CBR300s and CBR500s are perfect to tune up your riding skills! If you can't get your own bike to CLASS, or maybe you'd rather try out something more light and nimble, give us a call and reserve yours today. Supply is limited and simple pre-qual required. (805) 933-9936 or click here for 411.

Our Spring dates are filling well, thanks in part the the special early sign-up incentives - like saving $ if you enroll by Feb 15th! Don't put it off, get registered today and save!

Fresh Sticky Dunlop tires are ready to ship! As a CLASS student, you qualify for the super deal: Just $250 for a pair of Q3s delivered to your door. Order yours today!

Another date we're sure about is our VIR return in 2016! We are planning to be back Oct 17 & 18 and that gives you plenty of time to plan! It will again be a Two-Day CLASS and Reg lowered the price a tad for next year. Just $795 for 2 days on the VIR North course. Can we wait that long...? Anybody from California thinking about making the trek, talk to us. We may beagain setting up bike transport to that wonderful destination. In fact, why not jump on the back with Reg for a couple of laps now!



HOW FAR DO YOU WANT TO GO? FORCE 5 is back for 2016, and if you want to do a lot of CLASS, you may want to join the club! Become part of the team and really dig deep into how far you want to take it - all he while saving money on CLASS and Dunlop tires. Several of our instructors started out as Force 5 members. They got so good, and we got to know them so well, they joined the team! Learn more here.

D-Day was again outstanding as 12 awesome students and 12 awesome CLASS instructors took to the track at Streets of Willow once again for 2015. Check out Reg's report here.

"Thank you for a wonderful learning environment – your approach, credentials, presentation, and sincere desire to share your knowledge were all a perfect blend. Thanks again for sharing your insight and ability so openly. We are better riders as a result of taking your CLASS Motorcycle School. Your staff is top notch as well and why wouldn’t it be?" -Paula & Roy

The month of May was another terrific time at CLASS as we started off with a very well received seminar at CLASS HQ on the 9th. Matthias Beier from Shoei Helmets joined us to talk about the latest and greatest in motorcycle helmets and Lenny Albin from K-Tech Suspension was there to make simple the science of the perfect settings. To top it off, the OMG Gourmet hot dog man was there with delicious dogs for us all. These seminars really are a super fun and informative way to spend a few hours on a Saturday. I hope you'll join us for the next one!

We just got back from a two day CLASS at Streets of Willow (21/22) It was, well, perfect. I'll let one students feedback tell it like it is:

Hi Reg and Gigi, It’s hard to imagine a better time. The two day format was outstanding, and I maintain you have the best program out there. I won’t even begin about the dollar spent for grin’s returned ratio. The relaxed, professional, no pressure atmosphere was entirely conducive to me working thru the problem areas I felt needed the most attention. I personally had several “Ah HA!” moments of major significance. My riding has moved forward as a result, my confidence has been restored. A proper job guys. My hat's off to you and your excellent instructors all. Must run and examine your schedule now, Anna sends her regards! - Mike H.

In older stuff...

CLASS welcomes return sponsor Held USA back into the fold in 2015! We’ve been using Held Gloves for years - “I feel they are the best protection available” says Reg, “and I’m glad we have been able to again partner with Held for the upcoming year” . The Titan and Phantom gloves are superior track gloves and Held also makes a wide variety of gear and leathers, including quality gloves to fit every hand, desire and budget. Check them out at HeldUSA.com.

gpPulling out some great files from earlier this year. Did you catch Bimmer Magazine's story on our 3 time Superbike Champ. A fun read, some great info and little known facts about Reg Pridmore are exposed! check it out!

Next, Ken Lee spoke with Gigi P. about what it's like being a woman instructor in the male dominated world of track riding. Originally published on Honda's website, read the interview here.

We are way more than just a track day, but we are also a great track day! With lots of classroom chalk talk by Reg and on track coaching by some of the best in the business, it's a great experience. This letter was written by a 22 year old who totally gets CLASS. We were blown away by it, and hope it helps shed insight on what we're about... - read more

Jay's Book ClubReg popped in to Jay Leno's Garage a few months ago and talked about the book, Smooth Riding - the Pridmore Way. Order your copy today!

Smooth Talker... Reg isn't the only one around here to talk smooth. Ted Holman has had his fingers tapping out some vibes, and there's even a video. What the heck am I talking about? Check it out...

Louden Freightrain!Reg is one of the top AMA Superbike Riders of all time...It's been more than 3 decades since the AMA formed the Superbike class. In those days, our own Reg Pridmore was at the front of the pack, winning the first 3 AMA Superbike Championships. The first and seemingly most remembered was on the BMW R90S. But did you know he next two were on big, brutishly powerful Kawasakis? Yeah, Reg is still riding and teaching every CLASS, but his name is forever inscribed in the lore of AMA Superbike racing. There's a great article on past Superbike Champs that begins: "When I first started brainstorming my list of the ten greatest champions in AMA Pro SuperBike history, I instantly knew that Reg Pridmore was going to be included… " read more...

Want to know more about the origins of American Superbike racing? You know, back in the day when Reg was racing BMWs and Kawasakis? Kevin Cameron has a great piece in the June issue of Cycle World. Check it out here.