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CLASS is helped out by some really great partners. They help make it possible for us to be doing what we're doing. We think you will agree, they are some of the best in the business:


American Honda has been part of the CLASS program since 1995. The name Honda really does speak for itself and we are proud to be associated with them. Honda quality, performance and styling is world renowned. For us it's the CBR1000RR-SP, the CB1000R, and the CBR600RR, and of course the CBR500s for a fun, nimble bike to learn on! We also ride Honda dirt bikes, and the quality is rock solid. We really use our motorcycles and need them to be not only beautiful and fast with precision handling, we need them to be dependable. If you do too, get on a Honda! powersports.honda.com


Dunlop makes GREAT motorcycle tires. The Sportmax Q3+ is the latest and most amazing street/track tire ever created. Carbon fiber technology and dual compound for optimum performance as well as durability. And the Sportmax Q4 is the dot approved race tire - the same tire used in AMA racing. We use both of these tires and when it comes to performance, we can tell you, Dunlop is the way to go. And you can buy Dunlop tires through CLASS for a great deal. If you need tires, give us a call or order online.

Shoei helmets are the best you can buy. And they have come out with an even better than ever models in the RF1200, the X-14, the GT Air and others. Shoei has moved the bar. They make a top rated helmet in every aspect for the safest, most comfortable fit money can buy. Shoei has upped their game to truly make a quieter, more comfortable helmet than ever before. If you haven't tried one lately, stop into your dealer and try one on. You be the judge. This is one of many areas of safety gear you really shouldn't get cheap on. How much is your head worth? Shoei-helmets.com


This choice is easy: DP Brakes are the best pads out there. For just about any bike - street or dirt, and in different compounds for cruising sport or racing. Reg (LOVES the brakes) uses the RDP (race compound) on his Hondas and gets as much stopping as he needs. Don't settle for second best. Use the brakes Reg trusts to get the most stopping out of your bike, whether you go with the standard compound, HH compound or Race compound, you're going to like these brakes! DP-Brakes.com


Held makes great gloves and that's why we use them - and have for 20+ years. They make super high tech race gloves - the Titan and the Phantom are our favorites. But they also make a wide variety of other gloves to suit your needs and your budget. They also make a super nice off the rack leather race suit - Race Evo, plus a great assortment of riding gear to suit your style and the weather. We keep Held at the top of our equipment list and we recommend you do too! HeldUSA.com

This page is always under construction - please see the banner below for all of our top notch sponsors and partners.